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The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA) launched MyAUC in October 2010 to improve communication to students and provide a platform for AUCSA and its committees. Together with the Student Council, the new MyAUC (version 2.0), as of August 2013, was upgraded to improve usability and accessibility. MyAUC now consists of the homepage, seen on [1], and Wiki for AUC.

MyAUC — The new MyAUC is meant to improve accessibility to all matters concerning the Amsterdam University College students in a new, magazine-like, form. Improvement of communication was extensively considered during the construction of the new environment for AUC students. Simplification and structuring of the platform is a measure to improve convenience and readiness for all AUC students.

Wiki for AUC — The idea of improving the students’ immigration in AUC was always present in the minds of the AUCSA and the Student Council. In June 2013, both organs agreed upon a joint initiative to improve this immigration by creating a page based on Open Source software provided by Mediawiki. The Wiki is based on hubs. These hubs consist of New at AUC, Living, and Studying. They are all meant to improve your time at AUC, but especially to aid the new-coming first years in their adaptation of the life in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam and at AUC.

Main initiators

  • Aram Zegerius
  • Florentine Oberman
  • Flora Oudeboon

Technical Support

  • Aram Zegerius
  • Want to join? Contact info@aucsa.nl / subject: Wiki for AUC: joining IT

Main contributors


  • Flora Oudeboon (12/13)
  • Rose Wijnberg (13/14)
  • Florentine Oberman (13/14)
  • Heleen Ruhe (13/14)
  • Camiel Wijffels (13/14)

Student Council

  • Victor van Dooren (13/14)
  • Alejandro Zerain (13/14)
  • Coen-Reinier Lap (13/14)
  • Aram Zegerius (13/14)
  • Maeva Dolle (13/14)

Other contributors

  • Contact us at info@aucsa.nl / subject: Wiki for AUC: contributing