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The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that provides a platform for all the social activities of students at AUC. Activities include sports tournaments, parties, MUN-conferences and other initiatives proposed by groups of students of all sizes. The Association has around 850 members, all of which are AUC Students. Of our members, around 120 are in the board of one of the 25 committees These committees form the heart of the association, and organize our events.


The AUCSA provides funding and an organizational framework for the committees, thus creating a platform that enables students to develop themselves professionally and organize fun social events. The committee boards have a set structure with clearly divided tasks, comprising at least of chair, secretary, and treasurer, all of which are vital for the functioning of committee boards. Furthermore, the AUCSA strives to create a great, open, and interactive social community at AUC. We want to create a full community feeling for the students. We try to do so by our three pillars, which guide every decision we make.

First year experience: The first pillar is the first-year experience in which we mean the welcoming of new students to AUC. They must have a feeling of belonging to the AUC community, instead of just going to class in our building. To improve this feeling of a community we have organized an Introweek together with AUC and an Introweekend in a castle in Limburg.

Committees: To increase student involvement in the community we promote students to set up and be involved with committees. As the AUCSA, we provide the best circumstances in which these ideas and initiatives can grow and thrive. To provide for the AUC community is one of the main goals, so we make sure people know where to go with their ideas. Committee events are the core of our existence and we will do anything in our power to achieve a highly active involvement in attending committee events. To do so, we support committees not only financially, but we try to give the committees the means to plan, promote and have events for the students. Furthermore, we try to get all AUC students involved, hence the association should have the smallest barriers possible for events. That is, events should be low-priced or without entrance as often as possible. For that reason, it is quite essential that AUC includes the membership fee in their institutional fee: this makes everyone automatically a member. Finally, it is key that most events are open to all members.

Communications: Our third and last pillar is communications. Communications consists of two components: external and internal relations. First, our external relations, which consists of two parts: one, to make visible what we do at AUC to the other students in Amsterdam; two, we want to create awareness for what we are capable of within companies. With the liberal arts and sciences program, we are unique in the Dutch education system. Students following other programmes are not very aware of what AUC is and what you can study. We want to be more visible and show to other students what we actually do. For this reason, we try to be present at student association assemblies, meetings, and constitution drinks. Furthermore, we want to achieve more visibility through media, such as radio, newspapers, and magazines. Second, as the board members of the AUCSA, we want to have a good image as example students. We are in the role of student representatives and we are the students that exemplify what AUC stands for. Having a good image as a board towards the AUC students will make what we do more prominent for the students.