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Blackboard is the web-platform for everything academic and you will be using this extensively during your time at AUC. You can login with your UvA-net ID. On blackboard you can find your grades for past tests or assignments, announcements about upcoming tests or assignments or the slides of last class. You can also send your teachers e-mails through blackboard and you will use it often to hand in assignments. Students often complain about Blackboard’s lack of clarity, but a bit of perseverance combined with the information provided below will get you very far.

AUC Student Information

At the right side of the page, inside the ‘My Organisations’ box, you will find the AUC student information. Here, AUC will post their general announcements, ranging from student council elections to the infamous ‘excellence list’. In the ‘Academic Matters’ tab on the left you can find everything academic, of which a lot will be covered in this wiki as well. However, if you are looking for the most recent version of the semester’s timetable, a list of exchange universities and the course catalogue, go here!

Your courses

On the left side of the page, in the ‘My Courses’-box, you will find the courses you are enrolled in. Every course has it’s own page with it’s own tabs. Of these tabs, only Course Information, Assignments and Course Materials are really used.

Course Information

This tab will provide you with the course manual and the course description.

Course Materials

Under this tab you may find information sheets for assignments or the slideshows of past classes.


Here, you can find the links where you upload your assignments when you have finished them. These assignments must be handed in through blackboard because they will be led through a program (named ‘Ephorus’) that will compare your work with that of many, many other students, to make sure you have not plagiarized. This program will catch you so beware with that ctrl-c.


The grades you obtained so far you can find beneath the Tools-tab. When in the Tools menu, click ‘My Grades’ to see your grades. Only if you are lucky though, teachers tend to be excruciatingly slow with actually putting up the grades.


One last ‘insider tip’: if you want to know who will be, is, or was in your class , there is a way! Beneath all the tabs, you see a box with ‘My Groups’. Click the arrow, on the right, circled in red in the image below, and ta-dah: there’s a list with your classmates

Other information available on Blackboard

Besides information for the courses that you are enrolled in, Blackboard has a huge plethora of information that you can make use of. Some of these things are listed here:

AUC Student Information

This tab provides with any general announcements that AUC or related bodies have made over BB On the left side are also additional tabs that are the storehouse for all the important information concerning financial matters, grading, housing, subletting, ethics checklist, capstone details and guidelines, applying for off-campus courses and a lot more. So explore these tabs and consult your tutor. This is also where you can find the form for the Digital Service Desk for AUC to apply for add-drop, off-campus courses, language courses abroad, getting your transcripts and a host of other things.

Browse Course Catalogue

If you go to the bottom of your Blackboard page, you will find an option called ‘Browse Course Catalogue’. Upon clicking on this, you will be directed to a search tool where you can look for old course manuals for any courses offered at AUC by tying the name of the course. Saves all the hassle over Facebook searches!