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For each class certain number of textbooks is required depending on the nature of the course. In order to know which books you must purchase take a look at the course manual on Blackboard ( The course manual is usually located in the subfolder named “Course Information” (e.g. Blackboard > Academic English > Course Information). Make sure that the course manual is updated and that it refers to the proper academic year as changes may occur in the course structure every year.

There are several places where you could purchase your textbooks:

At the beginning of each academic year, AUCSA publishes the lists of books for each course and sells them at an affordable price. All you have to do it order the books online and then it will be delivered to your dorm room. For this simply check .

Another possibility is StudyStore StudyStore, a bookstore specialised in university textbooks and from where AUCSA orders the books directly. In case you miss the AUCSA book sale, the closest stores stores are located in Plantage (Roeterstraat 41) and near Amstel Station (Weesperzijde 188). The books may also be found in their website and ordered for delivery.

The most affordable option is to buy second hand books from another student. You should check out, which is a website where you can trade 2nd hand books with other AUC students, see what books you need for a course and also connect with other students taking a course. Usually second hand book sales are organised in AUC during the first week of class, but also take a look at the Facebook pages AUC, Buy, Sell & Trade and AUC Books.

If you cannot find it in StudyStore or you are looking for a different type of book, there are a couple of English bookstores in Amsterdam, being the most known Waterstones and the American Bookstore American Bookstore. Also, if you are interested in second hand books it may be worth dropping by The Book Exchange The Book Exchange.

The UvA also has a vast library library where you may find what you are looking for. These books may be borrowed for a period of time and you can order them through their website and have them delivered to the closest UvA library UvA library (in this case, Science Park). AUC might not not have its own library, but you can absolutely make use of the UvA facilities to borrow from a very vast range of books that are available.