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Curriculum Structure

The AUC curriculum consists of a total of 180 European credit points (ECP), to be completed in six semesters. Most courses taught at AUC are worth 6 credits. Courses at AUC are offered at three different levels: 100 level (introductory), 200 level (intermediate) and 300 level (advanced). Usually the 100-levels are prerequisites to the 200-levels, and the 200-levels in turn are requirements for enrollment to the 300-levels. AUC's semesters consist of a 16-week period in which (usually) 4 courses are taken, followed by an 'intensive' 4-week period, in which one course is taken.

It's important to be aware of the fact that most courses are only offered one semester per academic year. You can find the information concerning which courses are offered in which semester on Blackboard as well (under Academic Matters and then Timetables).


Students take a major in the Humanities, the Social Sciences or the Sciences (very motivated students can take a double major, enquire with your tutor if that's the case). Every student needs to take at least 1 course in both the majors that are not their own major and complete an internship or community project.

Mandatory courses

Students are required to complete Academic Core courses depending on their (intended) major, to be taken throughout the full (three-year) course of the programme.

All students have to take Academic English I & II, Logic, The Global Identity Experience and at least two consecutive levels of a language course. For the different majors there are different additional mandatory courses and graduation requirements.

On top of the mandatory Academic core courses, all students take a 100-level and 300-level theme course within their major (generally the 300-level being in the same theme as the 100-level), as well as a Big Questions course.

In their final semester students have to write a Capstone (worth 12 ECTS) that connects to their major.


Within a major, students usually follow one or multiple tracks (e.g. Biomedicine in Science, Law in Social Science), which covers where their main interest lies.

Major declaration

Before the beginning of their third semester, each student declares a major (this is done to your tutor). Any changes to the major have to take place in the second year of study and need to be approved by the Board of Examiners. After the second year, no changes in major are allowed. Note that changing your major, even in your second year, can create serious problems with completing all your graduation requirements (due to time constraints).


Usually students have 5 electives (worth 30 credits) that do not count towards the major. These electives can be used to form a minor. A minor consists of five (in any way) related courses in a field other than the major. At least two of these courses must be at 300 level. A request for a minor with a detailed course proposal must be submitted to the tutor before the beginning of the final semester at the latest.

Recommended courses for a range of Minors are enlisted in the Academic Standards and Procedures [1]

Curriculum Planner

Students can make use of the following online portal designed especially for AUC students for planning their curriculum: Academic Planner [2]