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DUWO is the largest student housing provider in the Netherlands. AUC and DUWO have an agreement in which the AUC residences are exclusive for students, and these are obliged to live in these residences throughout their entire time at AUC.



DUWO offices in Amsterdam are located near the VU in Uilenstede 108, 1183 AM Amstelveen. You can get there easily by taking the Metro from Amstel Station (check 9292ov.nl).


Other ways to contact DUWO are through their contact phone line: 0900-2353896 (5ct/min + call charges provider) and their new contact form.

For small and technical issues it is advisable to contact first the housekeeper in our residences, Adel, whose office is located in 794A in the first building, or to call the maintenance team (DUWO Onderhoud: 020-342-9666). For concerns relating payments, room changes and problems of that sort, contact DUWO directly.

For certain procedures, such as contract signing, laundry cards and payments it is not necessary to go to their office. DUWO has a new system, called MyDUWO that allows doing some of these procedures from home. Also, there is a DUWO-wiki that may provide answers for some of your concerns.

Intermediary bodies

There are several intermediary bodies between the AUC, the student body and DUWO. Adel, the housekeeper, works on the maintenance of the residences; the residence assistants are responsible for the residential life and the wellbeing of students. Duwoners represents the tenants (in our case, students) when it comes to DUWO-related issues (subletting conditions, rental conditions, among others).


Duwoners is the tenants association for everyone that rents through DUWO in the region of Amsterdam. This region, which includes DUWO complexes in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, and Haarlem, contains more than three thousand tenants, and their interests get represented by Duwoners.

Duwoners got set up in the last quarter of 2007. We have regular meetings with the DUWO directors. These meetings are about general tenant issues that effect every tenant of DUWO. Examples include yearly rent increase, the height of the service charges, or how maintenance complaints get settled. Detailed descriptions of the work Duwoners has done can be found in the annual reports. With more than three thousand tenants, there is a great diversity within the group of DUWO’s tenants. There are students, and non-students, campus contracts and non-campus contracts, big complexes, little complexes and independent housing facilities. Duwoners of course does not know what is an issue at all DUWO housing, which is why various complexes have resident committees. These can help you when there are issues in your direct living environment. Duwoners supports these resident committees.

If you run in to any problems in your complex, but there is no resident committee, then you can always come straight to Duwoners for help. We are also happy to help you set up your own resident committee! You can contact us via info@duwoners.nl.

Resident Assistants

The Residential Assistants (RAs) are recent AUC graduates who are in a Master's programme or in a professional career. They complete Residency tasks in exchange for housing and are not DUWO employees.

The RAs receive training in active listening, emergency response and other areas if needed. Their mission is to maintain discipline, welfare and safety in the dormitory. They have nightly shifts from 7pm to midnight as well as regular meetings. Any problems handled by the RAs are also reported to DUWO and AUC.

The current RAs are Jan-Willem Bruggeman, Maria Gayed, Maria Romero, and Mare Groen. You can contact them via auc-ra@auc.nl, or just approach them if you see them doing their rounds in the dorms in the evening or in the office (office of DUWO caretaker, room 794a). In an emergency call them on 06 50 44 93 38.

Tenant Association

The AUC Tenants Association forms the bridge from the AUC students to AUC and DUWO. They take care of all issues regarding student life in the dorms.

The TA also organizes Summer Sales in the dorms. These are meant for all graduating students who want to sell their furniture. All items are collected in a few common rooms and the TA will sell them to current students and transfer the money to the previous owners.

They also organise Tax Event to help students who struggle with the application for rent benefit and ‘kwijtschelding’ for taxes for water and garbage. In the past, many students have been struggling with this, because many letters from the municipality come in Dutch.

This year AUC has not appointed a new TA but we hope this will happen very soon! In the mean time if you have any questions regarding DUWO you can contact our Student Life Officer Vinika Porwal at v.porwal@auc.nl, the Residential Assistants (RAS), or the Peer Supporters.