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AUC Student Council

The Student Council is the representative body of the students of AUC to the AUC Board, the management, DUWO, and other external parties, such as the UvA and the VU. The Student Council consists of five members that are elected by the students.


The main roles of the Student Council are to advise in and approve of particular topics. The right of approval is needed in case of a change of the Academic Standards and Procedures. The right of advice concerns three areas: Everything that is related to the well being of AUC students; the case of a reduction, expansion, cooperation or termination of AUC, and the student facilities. Additionally, the Student Council receives information about the internal organization of AUC and past and future policies. Besides this, the Student Council provides the facilitating platform or all kinds of student initiatives to emerge and to be able to go through the available channels to make new changes happen. The Student Council has as part of its working a range of working groups such as one for a Welfare Fund, changing the walls of AUC, Right2Education Stichting, working on the Voices of AUC organization and the following report, enabling the student-run canteen, the diversity and outreach efforts and any other structural change that could be of interest for a part of the student body. You can find more information about the Student Council here:


Every year at the end of the second semester the Student Council elections take place. Several parties consisting of small groups of student compete with each other during the campaign week. Throughout the campaign week the parties share their ideas, goals, and plans for improvements with the students. A final chance to convince the students to vote for a party is offered by a final debate at the end of the campaign week. After the campaign week all students have the chance to vote for one of the party members.

AUC Student Council Election Committee

The Election Committee is responsible for fair elections of the Student Council. The Election Committee consists of three faculty members: Roland Luttens, Emma Cohen de Lara and Bob Kardolus.


Students are welcome to provide their opinions, questions or suggestions by talking to the members of the Student Council in person, come to the office hours, approach them on Facebook, or send the Student Council an email at: